Demos. Lots of demos. *neo glasses*

View source on all these demos to see what they're made of. All the demos live in examples in the source tree.

Simple ace editor

Use the ace editor to edit the 'hello' document

Edit 'hello' »

Simple textarea

Use a plain textarea to edit the 'hello' document

Edit 'hello' »

Edit HTML content

Use the 'hello' document contents as the text for a webpage

View 'hello' »

HTML viewer

The 'html' document is used as the innerHTML on the page. (You can edit it using the general editor, below.)

View 'html' »

Markdown viewer

View the 'markdown' document, rendered to HTML using showdown. Edit the document using the editor.

View 'markdown' »

Static renderer

This example statically renders documents on the server. The page is completely static - there's no javascript at all. You can append document names to the URL to render them. The code for this demo is in examples/_static.

View 'html' »

General Editor

This example shows the use of an Ace editor which can edit any ShareJS document. Documents are named with a string. Edit any of the documents which the demos above show.

Edit anything »


This example demonstrates using ShareJS to implement a wiki. You can create documents on the fly by browsing to wiki/Anything. The code for this demo is in examples/_wiki

Explore the wiki »


When you open this page, it creates a new empty editing pad with a random name (pad:XXXX). You can share the URL with someone else and edit with them.

Edit a new pad »

Pair programming editor

This is the same as the pad example (left), except ace has coffeescript styling on.

Pair program »

ShareJS also supports concurrently editing JSON objects. The JSON OT spec is documented here and you can read about the client API here

Hex game

This is a complex game example. The game's state is stored in a JSON document.

Play the hex game »